Accessing the DVLA customer helpline quick and easy

About DVLA
The driver and vehicle licensing agency, DVLA, has the following functions. Registration and licensing of drivers, registration and licensing of vehicles and collection of vehicle exercise duty, VED. The DVLA is a government agency under the department for transport, DFT. The DVLA was started over 40 years ago taking up this responsibility from the local governments. Now they have a work force of over 5000 employees making them the largest employer in south Wales. The agency is also now able to hold over 47 million driver’s records and 39 million vehicle records. Besides that the agency collects around £ 5.6 billion in a year.
The responsibilities of the agency are many and some of those include but are not limited to; issuing driving licenses, issuing vehicle registration certificates, selling DVLA personalized registrations, taking enforcement action against vehicle tax evaders, registering & issuing techograph cards, recording driver endorsements, disqualifications & medical conditions and finally helping the police and intelligence agencies to fight crime. They help fight crime by providing the information on their database to the police during their investigations.
Serving so many customers and having an integral part in the economy of the UK, the DVLA has developed an amazing online presence. They are able to provide a lot of services online to help the customer avoid having to make long queues in their offices. The agency has also worn the Customer Service Excellence Standard, CSE. CSE accreditation was worn in 2008 and maintained over the years. This shows that the agency is committed to providing the best customer service to the masses. Their contact centre also achieved the New Global Standard set out by the Customer Contact Association for over nine years consecutively. These are amazing awards evidencing how the agency prides itself in customer care service.
Why contact the DVLA customer care service
You may need to contact the DVLA for many varied reasons. For instance you may want to have information on your vehicle registration certificate, you may want to ask for a personalized license plate or enquire about the techograph card. You might also contact the agency of your driver’s license is taking longer than expected to come through or if the details used are wrong. Ensure that the details used by the agency are as accurate as they should be because the DVLA may offer information in their database to the police for investigations. There could be many other reasons why you need to talk to a customer care representative over at DVLA but whatever your reason remember they are just a phone call away or visit
When to contact the DVLA customer service
They are open for business Monday through to Saturday. From Monday to Friday you can call them through the number above from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. On Saturdays they are open for business from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. During these times you are free to contact the DVLA customer care centre and your call will be well received by their customer care experts.
What you should have before contacting the DVLA customer care
It is imperative that you have your details in order when calling them. If it is about your vehicle you should have all your relevant personal information, license plate number, SORN certificate, registration details, tax details and any other relevant information that might help expedite the customer care experience you will get. If you are calling about your driver’s license then you need to have your personal information in order and also the details of your driver’s license. With all these information in check then you are ready to make the call. Have your questions ready if you have more than one. It could even be necessary to write them down so you don’t forget one. Finally ensure that you are speaking with the customer care agent respectfully and with courtesy. Visit this website for more info
The DVLA digital platform
Their digital platform is able to offer you access to your driving licence information. You are also able to share the information with people who could need it. You can be able to view your driving records and to also the disqualifications and penalties in your name. Besides that you are also able to create a licence check code that allows you to share your driving licence information. The code lasts for 21 days. On their digital platform also is the ability to tax your vehicle online. If the process is too rigorous for you, you may opt to call in and have a customer care agent direct you through the process. You may therefore call the DVLA customer care to tax your vehicle.